Be it for reselling to your customers, or to protect your own staff, masks can become a useful asset to your business.


SAGG can offer the deal that suits your business’ needs

Bulk orders

We can supply your business with exactly the amount of masks you need, on an one-off, recurring, or urgent basis.

Business rates

We make the masks and print the designs in-house; this allows us flexibility and some of the most competitive rates in the market.

Free shipping

All orders will be delivered free of charge within 6 days of being agreed.

Free design

Team up with our creative team to explore different options for adapting your logo and mottos to your masks!

Get in touch now to start exploring options for your business.

You can either fill in our contact form, head over to the dedicated section of your website to upload your logo or simply write to us at

Businesses who trust us to protect their daily lives at work.


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