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Face Masks for Glass Wearers

What we realized early on when masks first became part of our life is that, for many of us wearing glasses, fogging is a considerable problem. Especially for those needing to drive or work for long hours, constant cleaning of glasses is impossible. Hence, we made a mask specifically for glass users, with an adjustable noise wire that can be used to position the mask against fogging.

Not only are SAGG face masks comfortable and breathable, you will be able to wash it again and again without any degradation. Plus, there are loads of cool designs and patterns to choose from.

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Black Fabric Face Mask
fabric face masks

Variety At Its Finest

Our high-quality fabric allows us to create dozens of beautiful designs. In our online store, you will find the widest range of designs in the market, tailored for men, women and children. Also, the kids mask come in a different size specifically to fit faces of ages 6 to 12.







Black Fabric Face Mask


MaxDry fabric (Polyester)

All of our masks are made using two layers of our signature MaxDry fabric. This is a fabric made with polyester and certified by the international textile quality checkers, OEKO-TEX®. MaxDry fabric is similar to the fabric commonly used in running gear – it combines durability, lightness and breathability

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